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Your home depends on the plumbing system day and night. Clean drinking water, bathing water and a reliable drainage system all contribute to a well-maintained plumbing system. Your plumber plays an important role in protecting your health, and at Paul Freeman Plumbing & Heating we take that responsibility seriously. From bathroom remodeling to water heaters, small leaks and large projects, Paul Freeman Plumbing & Heating is the premier choice for homeowners in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Offering both residential and commercial plumbing services, we are equipped to handle all your plumbing needs.

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Plumbing Repairs

Repairs to your plumbing system are not a matter of if, but when!  And when that time comes, Paul Freeman Plumbing & Heating will be ready to assist you. In addition, we can show you how to reduce those pesky emergency calls through plumbing and heating maintenance. You'll be amazed at how far a little prevention will go towards keeping you in (or out of!) hot water.

Bathrooms & Kitchens

These rooms are where service plumbers spend most of their time, and Paul Freeman Plumbing & Heating is no exception. The faucets, pipes and connections in your bathroom and kitchen take a lot of abuse through regular wear and tear. We'll help you minimize the inconveniences by installing the best products, providing you years of trouble-free service. And if you need to upgrade these rooms, we'll walk you through the process from beginning to end.

Faucets & Fixtures

Your faucets, sinks, toilets and bathing fixtures are an important part of your home, and we only install the best. That's why our warranties far exceed those of other plumbers. And if it's a repair you need, we'll get you fixed up quick - kitchen faucets, lavatories, shower valves and toilet parts, we fix them all!

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